Aging is an inescapable part of life. However, there are some tricky culprits that hurry this process along and make us sprout our fine lines and wrinkles way ahead of time. Here are four of them and how you can side-step them to go ahead and age gracefully.

Stress Can Be a Mess

People who are easily stressed have the shortest telomeres. Telemores form an essential part of human cells and when they are shortened, their reproduction is stifled. In addition, stress stretches the immune system and strains the heart, which in turn takes a pound of flesh from the skin.

The good news about fighting the clutches of stress related to aging is engaging in low impact exercises, healthy food and meditation. Aromatherapy is another good way to whittle down stress. Clinical research has shown that chamomile helps to reduce anxiety and even ward off depression.

No Soaps No Sulfates

If your skin care regimen includes cleansers or soaps that contain sulfates, you need to ditch them fast. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a common ingredient in facial cleansers, body washers and facial cleansers. It might get rid of the dirt on your skin, but it also destroys the precious lipids that hold skin cells together.

The solution is straightforward and is simply for you to stop using soap on your face. Stick to cleansers that are devoid of synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, parabens, animal-by products, triclosan, GMOs and of course sodium lauryl sulfates.

Side-Step the Sugar

From a health perspective, you already know that sugar is not good for the body. But do you also know that it ages the skin? The process is known as glycation where sugar interweaves with proteins in the body and generates free radicals that destroy elastin and collagen. These two active ingredients help keep the skin taut and supple.

Apart from stopping sugar intake, include a skin-care routine that is enriched with antioxidants especially vitamin C which is a fearless fighter when it comes to combating the skin’s free radicals. You can also opt for Rosehip Triple C + E Firming Oil which wards off symptoms of glycation. This gentle, greasy-free formula works well for all skin types.

Do Not Squint

This might be obvious to most people, but this has not stopped most of us from going ahead to squint at the TV or our smartphone screens. When you narrow your eyes, you are most likely increasing the likelihood of having wrinkles or crows feet. In addition, constricted facial expressions are known to deepen the wrinkles etched on our faces over time.

The good thing is that fine lines do not appear on our faces overnight.  It takes quite some time before they take over our faces.  Use eye creams like Neroli Age Corrective Eye Cream daily. This effective cream uses the green apple stem technology to battle apparent signs of aging.