The atomic specks of soot, chemicals and other impurities in the air are not only harming Planet Earth, they also take a toll on our skin. Before now, the advent of wrinkles was attributed to the inescapable aging cycle and the notion that we cannot do anything about it, unless we go under the knife. Research now, prove that airborne particles can directly cause wrinkles to break out on skin and can be held liable for premature aging.


If you want to ward off the harmful effects of environmental pollution, there are three Microgreen Detox powerhouses that can help you out. There is the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant as well as the Loutus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment.


This triple-piece capsule compilation comes with the revolutionary Detoxifying Microgreens Complex, prepared with Detoxophane-a potent ingredient extracted from Swiss cress sprouts. This active ingredient helps battle the obvious effects of sagging and dull skin, brought about by the ill-effects of pollution.


Let us look at the three capsule collection in detail.


Stone Crop Cleansing Oil [Cleanse ]


This capsule helps to remove all environmental impurities and on-the-surface debris from the skin. Enriched with jojoba oils, illuminating stone crop and sunflower, it retains moisture and brings the sexy brightness back to dull skin after it has been stressed out by the environment.



Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant [Exfoliate]

This second capsule in the Microgreens Dextox collection, fights the signs of premature aging using rice flour, adzuki powder and enhanced microgreens. This product by using a fizzling procedure delivers oxygen to the surface of the skin leaving a radiant glow in its wake. This anti-pollution exfoliant must be applied daily for best results.

Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment [Treat]

The last piece in the collection works with any skin type. This gel cream which contains nutrient-laced microgreen and jojoba oil beads helps to reinvigorate the skin. This clinically tested hydrating formula reverses the wrinkle cycle brought about by pollutants because it retains water in the skin.