64 DIY natural beauty recipes: How to Make Amazing Homemade Skin Care Recipes, Essential Oils, Body Care Products and More by Jane Moore

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64 DIY natural beauty recipes - How to Make Amazing Homemade Skin Care ‎Recipes, Essential Oils, Body Care Products and More‎ ‎ Are you looking for healthier, more natural skin care you can make yourself? ‎‎‎ Feeling good is important, but so is looking your best. For many us the idea of ‎using unnatural products and putting chemicals onto our skin is unappealing. ‎Instead, you’d prefer to find a more natural way to take good care of your skin. ‎After all, why can’t we choose natural options? ‎ ‎Get 64 DIY natural recipes to clean, tone, moisturize and exfoliate your skin, ‎along with lip balms, body butters and more.‎ Also, you’ll discover..‎ What chemicals to watch for that the beauty industry relies on Safe natural ingredients to use on your skin Why natural skin care is so much more beneficial How easy it is to make your own products And much more!‎ ‎Table of Contents‎ ‎ Taking Care of Your Skin Naturally ‎ ‎ Natural Aging Beautifully – Bases for Natural Skin Care ‎ Honey skin care, Shea Butter skin care, Jojoba skin care and Aloe Vera skin care. ‎ ‎ Keep it Simple ‎ Why you should choose natural skin care and beauty products, reading labels, top ‎industry offenders, organic skin care.‎ ‎64 DIY Recipes‎ Content for chapter 4‎