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Letigo Green Tea Slimming Gel Full-body Fat Burning Fast Weight Lose Product Slim Abdomen Anti Cellulite Weight Loss Cream 250g

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  • QUICKLY & EASY: With the exclusively green tea activated factor, it can soak into your deep skin quickly, activating the entrails function, accelerate the metabolism, burning & decompose the surplus fat, and open the pores to sweating for excrete & reduce the surplus fat & toxin quickly, so as to slimness quickly & easy.
  • HOT FAT - DECREASING TREATMENT: To burn fatty in the skin, quick decomposing the surplus fat & out of the body. With its extra-strength dual Advantage slimming and skincare functions, to activate the fat enzyme to decrease the surplus fat, and stimy effectively the fat cell to anabolism & come into being, there making to accelerate slim.
  • EASY SLIMMING: When the green tea slimming cream onto the belly, the skin becomes warmer and warmer, reduce the extra fat and flabby meat in abdomen, firm the flabby skin, and fully improve the abdomen skin by making the abdomen more smooth, more tightly, full of elasticity.
  • MOISTURIZING INGREDIENTS: Thoroughly moisturize your skin, so your skin becomes smoother, more flexible, especially for the abdomen, waist, hips, forearm and leg.
  • PARTICULAR ANTI - REBOUND GENE: Which can strengthen the effect to slim & avoid repeating. A extra action, the enhancer can perpetual nourish intensive your skin which will be smoother, more tightening and springiness.