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Sip Away Your Wrinkles: Look Younger At Any Age by H. Tim Sevets

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A Natural Cure for Wrinkles, As Close As Your Kitchen Cabinet?Can a simple drink you make in your kitchen really reduce wrinkles like magic? This author says it worked for...

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A Natural Cure for Wrinkles, As Close As Your Kitchen Cabinet?

Can a simple drink you make in your kitchen really reduce wrinkles like magic? This author says it worked for him, and is working for others.

If you're spending a ton of money on anti-aging treatments and creams or pills with little to show for it - Stop! This could be the wrinkle cure you're looking for.

Pump Up Your Body's Own Natural Wrinkle Preventer

Scientists have known for some time why we get wrinkles and develop other signs of age, such as sagging cheeks, as we get older. Our bodies simply stop producing enough of the substance that is required to keep our skin smooth and elastic.

The solution is to find some way of either stepping up our natural production of that substance, or getting it from outside in a form that our bodies can readily use to feed both our skin and the underlying tissues. That's what Sip Away Your Wrinkles is about.

A simple drink you make in your kitchen can have you looking and feeling years younger. The author tells how to prepare and use his anti-aging recipe from a couple of inexpensive, natural ingredients, and explains why it works not only to prevent wrinkles, but to remove existing fine lines and even deep creases.

Although the drink itself is easy and cheap to make, the author goes into much more:
  • How to boost the power of the drink's ingredients
  • How to eat and exercise to speed your results
  • Other benefits you can expect from the drink along with erasing wrinkles and slowing aging
Not Just an Anti-wrinkle Recipe

While the special wrinkle-erasing drink is at the core of this book, you'll also get:
  • Alternatives to the basic anti-wrinkle drink that still deliver the same antiaging ingredients to your body
  • "Reinforcers" - recommendations for diet, exercise, and affirmations to support and accelerate your anti-aging regimen
  • Tips on purchasing and making optimal use of the recommended anti-wrinkle ingredients.
  • 45 "wrinkle erasers" - a list of other natural wrinkle cures that have worked for others, and that can be used in addition to taking the drink twice a day

Sip Away Your Wrinkles is all substance, no fluff. And it is so simple that you might be tempted to dismiss it as too simple to really work. That would be a mistake.

The author says: "I urge you to try it, just as I've laid it out. I think you'll learn to your delight that often the simplest solutions for getting rid of wrinkles and looking younger are the most effective."

Maybe you've tried it all when it comes to anti-wrinkle products and treatments. Under-eye serums. Wrinkle creams. Retinol. Exotic exfoliants. Masks. Anti-wrinkle gels and lotions. Hyaluronic acid. Stretch mark ointment (yes, some folks put this on their faces!). Patches ... etc., etc. You know that these cost a lot of money, and often don't give the results you hoped for.

Imagine all this:
  • Watching fine lines around your eyes and elsewhere disappear
  • Seeing deep wrinkles and creases diminish or even vanish from your face
  • Finally scrapping those harsh chemicals and expensive products with their unknown and possibly harmful side effects
  • Seeing positive results in just a few weeks.
H. Tim Sevets has come up with what could be the best way to get rid of wrinkles currently available, a home remedy that is as effective as it is easy and inexpensive.