Vibrant at Any Age: A guide to renew your life and become vigorous, healthy, and happy Paperback – by Dr. Josefina Monasterio (Author)

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Be empowered whatever your age. Muster the inspiration, determination, discipline, and energy to make those changes that will propel you to your next level. Reinvent yourself as you feel in your gut that your development and perfection is working. Become the co-creator with eternity of your destiny.

  • Slow the aging process
  • Be energized in all you do
  • Develop a strong body
  • Optimize your health
  • Heal emotionally
  • Develop a profound self-respect
  • Transform yourself into an enthusiastic and awesome person
  • Become unified in mind, body & spirit—one together person

  • A woman who spoke from her heart and touched everyone!
  • You taught me to believe and expect the best from life again.
  • I learned how to keep going, refocus, rebalance, and define what is truly important, and delete what is not.